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    Dear Customers!

    10% discount for EVERYBODY, for EVERY products!!! Now, we are introducing a new preferential points system, which succeed the old, always changing system! The main point of the new sytem is that cover every product and it implements 10% discount. Operation is easy, it can be well-known from other parts of the life. After every purchase, you get 10% reward point, from the total purchases. The next order, you can decide, that you collect your point forth, and later you get a gratis product, or you can redeem, therefore point value deducted from the product purchase! From now, just the first purchase total cost, after thanks to new preferential points system, you can buy with 10% discount, based on your previous purchase! By this, we have extended for ALL customer and ALL product, the possibility of discount buying with the point system! So, for EVERYBODY, for EVERY product 10% DISCOUNT!!!

    Enjoy your stay-Hun Archery




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